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(Proclamation, Healing and Deliverance (P.H.D) Ministry)


By the grace and mandate from the Almighty God, the Deliverance and Healing ministry in the Anglican Communion began in St. Bartholomew’s Anglican church, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos in 1987 and the ministry has since spread to other churches in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.



The Ministry is led by Evang. Frank Anunibe (JP) who functions both as the National Coordinator of the Deliverance and Healing Ministry In The Anglican Communion Nigeria and the Coordinator at St. Barth’s Church branch where the Ministry started. Evang Engr Peter Nwachukwu is the Deputy National Coordinator. He resides in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and leads the DHU Port Harcourt Branch, St Jude Military Church, Port Harcourt.



The Deliverance and Healing Ministry in the Anglican Communion, popularly known as DHU, has Evang. Sir. Ken Nwodika as the National secretary, Evang. Ejikeme John Benjamin and Mr Chuma Modeme as assistant secretaries.



The aims of DHU as directed by God, which has remained unchanged over the years are: To preach salvation, heal the sick, conduct and minister deliverance, wipe out idolatry in the land, break ancestral curses, destroy demonic bondage and cultism, restore broken marriages and home and save people from Christian deviations.


The goals of the Deliverance and Healing Ministry (DHU) are achieved through organized structure of programmes as listed below;


  1. Hour of Deliverance & Healing: This is a special programme dedicated to liberating people from the captivity of the devil. It holds every Wednesday inside the main church auditorium from 9.00am – 3.00pm at St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church Aguda, and other branches of the ministry.


  1. Freedom Night Programme: This is a monthly vigil deliverance programme which holds every 3rd Friday in the month from 10.00pm-5.00am.



  1. National & International Ministers Conference/Convention: This annual programme has its major participants as the clergy, laymen, evangelists, and other men and women called in diverse areas into God’s Service and Ministry.


  1. DHU Outreaches


The ministry conducts her outreaches through:


  1. Crusades: – As a grassroot evangelism ministry, DHU conducts several crusades in various communities within Nigeria and beyond. This is a major activity of the ministry. The ministry conducts diocesan, Archdeaconry, Parish, Kindred and Community crusades. In these crusades anchored by the ministers in the ministry, there is tremendous move of God that always have lasting impact in the lives of the people and communities concerned. The hallmark of the ministry is grass root evangelism. Most of our crusades and family ministrations take place in the hinterlands.


  1. Family Ministration: – Through this outreach, teams from the ministry on invitation visit homes, families and communities to pray. By this, ancestral curses and bondages are broken, demonic shrines and alters pulled down and such families and communities liberated.


  1. DHU Freedom Week Programme: This is an annual programme of the ministry. It is 6-Day Power Packed programme that ends with a church thanksgiving service. It holds 3rd week in the month of October.


  1. DHU Partners/couples Dinner Fellowship: This is another special programme of the ministry. It is a time for exhortation, Prayer and refreshing for our covenant partners and couples. It holds annually.


  1. Daily Counselling: The ministry conducts daily one on one Christian counselling session in the church using a team of seasoned ministers who are trained in Christian counselling.



  1. God of Hannah Fellowship: This special programme is designed for those men/women believing God for the fruit of the womb. It holds every 4th Friday in the month.


  1. Noble Sisters Fellowship: This is another special programme of the ministry aimed at breeding and building up single sisters/married women for the purpose of becoming pillars and virtuous women in their homes. It holds every 2nd Thursdays of the month.


  1. DHU Media: DHU Media Manages the ministry’s website and social media, including working with website developers, posting regular social media updates and engaging with people on our social media channels. DHU has active social media handles on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp groups, Bulk SMS and other communication handles where our programmes and activities and broadcast online for Global viewership. DHU is compliant with the new now and big efforts are made for easier navigation and wider reach of the activities of the ministry through the media.



Our motto which is taken from Matthew 10 vs 8; says, Heal the sick, cleanse the Leper, raise the dead, cast out devils. Freely you have received; freely give.



The Ministry has a great spiritual workforce made up of workers who have indebt knowledge in Proclamation of the word of God, administration of healing and

deliverance. These workers are trained through the Units school of Deliverance and Healing. Since inception more than 2,000 students from various denominations have graduated from the school. It is compulsory for every worker who is a member to be trained. DHU also holds members forum on every third and fourth Tuesday of the month.




We remain grateful to the Almighty God for the numerous miracles and testimonies recorded during our daily counselling in the church, deliverance ministrations, crusades and conferences. May His name be praised in Jesus Name, Amen.




In Ezihe, Isiala Mbano Local Government area in Imo state, eastern part of Nigeria. His parents are  (Late) Mr and (Late) Mrs Ebenezer Anunibe, who tenaciously served God, He is born on the 1st day of October in his birth year 1948.

He was married to Mrs Susan Anunibe (Late) and together God rewarded them with two girls and two boys, now successful Adults. He is also the Grandpa to five  children, and still counting.

Evangelist Frank Anunibe had his primary and secondary education in Lagos State; Elizabeth Fowler Memorial primary School and Benevolent High School respectively. Professionally, he has Diploma in Sales Management, advertising and Market research, from the national school of salesmanship England. This was the enviable step that awarded him membership in the British Institute of Marketing.

He worked as a Sales Manager with Barshall Lotinga Nigeria Limited, for over 15years. The company folded in 1983 because of the indigenization decree. Religiously, he is a committed born again Anglican. He joined St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church in 1970. As a trainee lay leader from St. Andrew’s (Ang) Church Oguta 111, the church Co-founded by his late father, Mr. Ebenezer Anunibe.

Evangelist Frank’s extremely humble and selfless nature is the reason why, despite his obviously firm, erudite, uncompromising, steadfast and fearless personality, all and sundry fondly call him ‘Bro Frank’. I observed that Bro Frank became less popular after his sixtieth Birthday in 2008; the ‘Bro’ evolved to ‘daddy’ thus ‘Daddy Frank’ took over the flow.

Amongst numerous positions he has held and outstanding roles he has played in the course of ministry and service to God are:

  • He was a chorister in St. Barth’s Ang. Church, Aguda, Surulere Lagos for over 20years and was the vice Chairman for some years.
  • He was the Religious Officer of the Youth Fellowship for so many years. Also a Parish Counselor for 29 years running.
  • He was once the Assistance Secretary of the Parish Council in the seventies.
  • He was also the Assistant Secretary of Common Agency comprising the Christ Church Ebute Metta, St.Peter’s Itire and St. Paul’s Eleja and St Barths Church Aguda.
  • He is a licensed lay-leader since 1978.
  • He founded St. Barth’s Sunday school in 1973 and also was its Superintendent for years. Also, he started the St Barth’s Church Monday Bible Study, the Monthly Revival and the Monthly prayer meeting in 1987.
  • Bro Frank founded the Hour of Deliverance otherwise called the Wednesday programme in 1987 and the Freedom Night in 1998. These programmes are attended by people from different State of the Federation including Roman Catholic and people from other denominations.
  • He was commissioned a Diocesan Evangelist in 1995 by the REV’D A.I.S. NWAIZUZU, retired Bishop of Okigwe North, who gave him a mandate to preach healing and deliverance in all Churches in his Diocese.
  • He was appointed the Head of Healing and Deliverance Mission of the Directorate of Evangelism of the Diocese of Lagos in October 1998. This directorate organized the famous Victory Night held at the Race-Course which brought together the entire churches in then Diocese of Lagos to Race-Course for the All Night programmes.
  • Frank affirms strongly and emphasizes that as long as he lives and is healthy, he will continue to offer his services in St. Barth’s Ang. Church, Okigwe North Diocese Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), and worldwide.



Evangelist Frank Anunibe is an evangelist extra-ordinary. He started his evangelism exploits in St.Barth’s Anglican Church in 1987 when he founded the Deliverance and Healing Unit. Before then, there was exodus of Anglicans to the new generation churches. Because of this missing ministry, Anglicans were leaving our churches in search of healing and deliverance and when they get healed and delivered, they stay back in those churches. This was the reason Evangelist Frank Anunibe founded the Deliverance and Healing Unit (DHU) in St.Barth’s Church, Aguda.

The DHU has been established in so many churches within and outside Nigeria.


Evangelist Frank has led the DHU to carry out evangelical exploits in all churches in Enugu Diocese, Nsuka Diocese, Abakaliki Diocese, Oji River, Okigwe South, Ngwo, Orlu, Okigwe North, Port-Harcourt, Zaria, Kaduna, Otukpo, Gwagwalada, Abuja, Aba, Owerri, Umuohia, Oguta, Bayelsa, Zuba, Ideato,Aguatta, Mbamili,Amichi, Mbaise, Umudim, Uli, Arochukwu, Isikwuato, Inoma Akato,Abeokuta, Oye-Ekiti, Umuegbe, Umuduru, Osu,Achara,Anara,Amaraku,Inyisi,Oba,Ozubulu,Ichida,Igbokwu,Abagana, ,Nawfia,Ifite Dunu,Ukpo, Achala,Onitsha,Umueri,Awkusu,Ogbaru,Enugu Abo,Umunze, Ezihe,Dike Na Ofiyi,Sokoto,Agulu,Asaba,Warri,Umuhu-Okobia, Umu-eze 11, Ezeoke, Mbutu, Nando,Mgbo,Aniri, Okwelle, Nnewi,Oraukwu, Alor, Adazi, Nneokwa, Ukpor, Enugu –Ukwu, Enugu-Ezike, Obowo, Ihiala, Okija,Ihioma, Mgbidi, Egbu, Ngor Okpala, Mberi,Aku Ni Nzuka,Umunere Ugiri,Oka Ugiri, Awka Anambra, Unubi, Okohia,Ufuma, Owerri Nta,Osumenyi, Ajali, Nkwerre, Amigbo, Ivory Coast, Abijan, Sam Pedro, Cameroun,Congo Kinshasha, Niger Republic, Germany to mention but a few.


To the glory of God the Deliverance and Healing ministry is now a National and International ministry recognized by the primate of all Nigeria with a mandate to establish it in all Anglican Churches in Nigeria and beyond. Thanks to the late Primate Adetiloye who stood behind the ministry and the reigning primate the Most. Rev’d Okoh who gave a fresh mandate.


Evangelist Frank Anunibe has led DHU in his evangelical exploits to pull down Altars, Shrines, Temples of gods that did not make heaven and earth (Jer 10:11) and set thousands of families, Communities and individuals free from their bondage by the power of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus Christ. Ancestral covenants have been broken and curses destroyed and thousands delivered from satanic bondages and Christian deviation by opening their eyes with the word of God (Acts 26:18). To God be the glory.



  1. Lagos Mainland Dioceses, for services rendered to God by the Most. Rev’d (Prof) A.D.Akinde Archbishop of Lagos Province.
  2. Orji River Diocese for his steadfastness and faithfulness in ministry by the Most.Revd.Dr.Amos Madu. Archbishop of Enugu Province.
  3. Barth’s Ang. Church, Aguda for selfless Spiritual Service Rendered.
  4. Mathews’ Ang. Church, Diocese of Egba West. Ogun State for His Interest and love for the work of God and propagation of the gospel.
  5. Men Christian Association, St.Barth’s Ang. Church, Aguda, for making M.C.A Proud.
  6. EFAC Nigeria, Lagos Zone as a Distinguished Evangelist.
  7. Y.F. St.Barth’s Ang. Church, Aguda for Outstanding Contribution to the fellowship.
  8. The Choir, St.Barth’s Ang. Church Aguda for Parental Role to the Choir.
  9. Boys Bridge, Surulere Company for Steadfastness.
  10. MCA St.Barth’s Ang. Church. Aguda for Faithfulness.
  11. Award of Excellence by the Rev. Dr. Ukanwa Bishop of Isi Mbano.


“But what things were gains to me those I counted loss for Christ. Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the Excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I suffered the loss of all things; and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ”

 (Phillippians 3:7-8)

This Scriptural quote remains Evangelist Frank’s Anchor. He remains a mirror from which we see the true image of a sacrificial, selfless and devoted servant of God. He is unshaking in faith, relentless in service and a terror to the kingdom of darkness. As he continues to escape for Christ, his vow to remain an Anglican and die an Anglican is further proof of absolute submission to God. To him it is still;

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.

Remain blessed and lifted.